4. Feb. 1997

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1. All I Want
2. Gone Away
3. The Meaning Of Life
4.Gone Away

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1. Disclaimer
2. The Meaning Of Life
3. Mota
4. Me & Old Lady
5. Cool To hate
6. Leave It Behind
7. Gone Away |
8. I Choose
9. Intermission
10. All I Want
11. Way Down The Line
12. Don't Pick It Up
13. Amazed
14. Change the World


"Ixnay on the Hombre" soll laut Dexter "fuck authority" oder "fuck the man" heißen. Noodles nennt das Album "Great, hard, fast, pumping, punk tunes as well as a couple of different suprises thrown in, it is definitely an Offspring album" Also wie immer , " know, like the Offspring."

Epitaph hat das Album in Europa distributed! Aufgenommen wurde das Album in den Eldorado Recording Studios in Hollywood, CA. Producer und Mixer war Dave Jerden.